China best 06b-3 Metric Roller Chain Qd Sprocket with B-Hub C-Hub with Good quality

Product Description

Product Description

QD (quick detachable) is a sprocket in which the tapered bushing is bolted in the tapered hole machined in the sprocket. When installed, the bushing is compressed CZPT the shaft, providing a tight grip. Our QD sprockets meet or exceed ANSI standards intolerance, are made of high carbon steel, and precision machining and technology ensure a consistent finish and high quality.

Product Parameters

Sprocket Size

Tooth Count

Pitch Diameter

Stock Bore

Maximum Bore

Hub Diameter (H)

Length Thru Bore (L)

Sprocket Weight (kg)

E06B12 12 36.80mm 12mm 16mm 25mm 35mm 0.23
E06B13 13 39.80mm 12mm 18mm 28mm 35mm 0.27
E06B14 14 42.80mm 12mm 18mm 31mm 35mm 0.32
E06B15 15 45.81mm 12mm 20mm 34mm 35mm 0.36
E06B16 16 48.82mm 12mm 20mm 37mm 35mm 0.45
E06B17 17 51.84mm 12mm 24mm 40mm 35mm 0.54
E06B18 18 54.84mm 12mm 25mm 43mm 35mm 0.64
E06B19 19 57.87mm 12mm 28mm 46mm 35mm 0.72
E06B20 20 60.89mm 12mm 30mm 49mm 35mm 0.77
E06B21 21 63.91mm 14mm 30mm 52mm 40mm 0.86
E06B22 22 66.93mm 14mm 35mm 54mm 40mm 0.95
E06B23 23 69.95mm 14mm 38mm 58mm 40mm 1.04
E06B24 24 72.97mm 14mm 39mm 61mm 40mm 1.18
E06B25 25 76.00mm 14mm 40mm 64mm 40mm 1.27
E06B26 26 79.02mm 14mm 42mm 67mm 40mm 1.31
E06B27 27 82.02mm 14mm 45mm 70mm 40mm 1.36
E06B28 28 85.07mm 14mm 48mm 73mm 40mm 1.50
E06B29 29 88.10mm 14mm 50mm 76mm 40mm 1.68
E06B30 30 91.12mm 14mm 52mm 80mm 40mm 1.72
E06B32 32 97.18mm 16mm 52mm 80mm 48mm 2.00
E06B35 35 106.26mm 16mm 52mm 80mm 48mm 2.25
E06B36 36 109.29mm 16mm 60mm 90mm 40mm 2.33
E06B38 38 115.34mm 16mm 60mm 90mm 40mm 2.49
E06B40 40 121.40mm 16mm 52mm 90mm 48mm 2.65
E06B42 42 127.46mm 19mm 60mm 90mm 48mm 2.81
E06B45 45 136.55mm 19mm 60mm 90mm 48mm 3.00
E06B48 48 145.64mm 19mm 60mm 90mm 48mm 3.20
E06B52 52 157.75mm 19mm 60mm 90mm 48mm 3.46
E06B57 57 172.91mm 19mm 60mm 90mm 48mm 4.77
E06B60 60 182.00mm 19mm 60mm 80mm 48mm 5.02
E06B68 68 206.24mm 19mm 60mm 90mm 48mm 5.69
E06B72 72 218.37mm 19mm 60mm 90mm 48mm 6.02
E06B76 76 230.49mm 19mm 64mm 100mm 48mm 8.48
E06B84 84 254.74mm 19mm 64mm 100mm 48mm 9.37
E06B95 95 288.08mm 25mm 64mm 100mm 54mm 13.61
E06B96 96 291.11mm 25mm 64mm 100mm 54mm 13.75


Company Profile


Services we can provide

1. Produce strictly following standard dimension
2. Material: 1045 Steel / Alloy Steel / Stainless Steel 304 & 316 
3. Standard: ANSI, DIN, JINS, ISO, KANA, Standard America, or customer’s drawing
4. Pilot bore, finished bore, taper bore, and special bore. 
5. Bright surface / high precision / Blacking /Electrophoretic-Coated
6. Advanced heat treatment and surface treatment craft
7. Best quality and competitive price. 
8. Welcome OEM / ODM 
9. Processing Equipment: Hobbing machine, Slotting machine, CNC lathes, and other equipment.
10. Sprocket Models: Contains special sprocket according to customer’s drawings, standard sprocket (American standard and metric).

Customization process
1.Provide documentation:CAD, DWG, DXF, PDF,3D model ,STEP, IGS, PRT

2.Quote:We will give you the best price within 24 hours

3.Place an order:Confirm the cooperation details and CZPT the contract, and provide the labeling service

4.Processing and customization:Short delivery time

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As a professional China sprocket manufacturer and professional supplier, we ensure the quality of every sprocket. All items are checked and tested thoroughly during every working procedure and after the product is finally manufactured to ensure that the best quality product goes out in the market.


Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Motor, Motorcycle, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Manufacturing Method: Rolling Gear
Toothed Portion Shape: Spur Gear
Material: Stainless Steel
US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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China best 06b-3 Metric Roller Chain Qd Sprocket with B-Hub C-Hub   with Good quality China best 06b-3 Metric Roller Chain Qd Sprocket with B-Hub C-Hub   with Good quality
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